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     Rapid Healing of Oral
     Ulcerations, Erosions, Stomatitis
     Perio-gingival Inflammation and Oral Wounds

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	Feline Mucosalfate™ 
        About Feline Mucosalfate™ 
                Feline Mucosalfateℿis associated with the rapid healing and 
                reversal of oral ulcerations, perio-gingival inflammation and all 
                stages of stomatitis in cats. Mucosalfateℿs high potency 
                sucralfate paste contains standard potency sucralfate that have 
                been  reversibly cross-linked into “sucralfate sheets‿ The 
                configuration within “sucralfate sheets‿induces ordinary 
                sucralfate to layer on the mucosa as stacked sheets which 
                enhances sucralfate binding and surface concentration by
                multiple folds.
               Oral ulcerations and Erosions: Oral ulcerations and erosions 
                may affect the gums, mouth, and throat in cats. Mucosalfate'sℿ
                coating action works by stacking cross-linked sheets of sucralfate 
                layer by layer along the oral mucosa of the cat. These stacks of 
                sucralfate engage locally secreted growth factors and facilitate the movement of these growth factors to their receptors 
                which are activated as a result of the sucralfate. These formed layers, coat over the oral mucosa and lead to the 
                complete reversal of ulcerations and erosions.
                Perio-gingival Inflammation: When the mucosal lining or the gingival surfaces of the 
                mouth are inflamed or infected, a maintenance system is deployed. This maintenance 
                system is referred to as the epithelial cytoprotective system, and it is responsible in
                maintaining the integrity of the mucosal lining. This system works hard to limit injury, 
                minimize inflammation, ulcerations and infections. However, in certain circumstances of disease it is inadequate.
                The key elements that govern the process of healing and the reversal of inflammation are growth factors, growth
                factor receptors and cytokines. Mucosalfateℿengages these elements by binding to growth factors and driving them
                to their receptor sites, activating these sites that, in turn, coordinate cytokines responsible for restoration and healing.
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                Stomatitis: Felines with stomatitis are in a significant amount of pain. They often
                have difficulty chewing. Besides a decrease in eating, pet owners may notice a 
                decrease in grooming habits or a previously lively cat that is now withdrawn. Bad 
                breath, weight loss, and increased drooling can also be noted in a cat suffering 
                from stomatitis. Mucosalfate'sℿ mechanical action of coating which entails the use 
                of Cross-linked sheets of sucralfate layer along the mucosa to facilitate the movement of growth factors to their receptors 
                along the lining. The electronegative micro-environ created by “sucralfate sheets‿quiet or neutralize ion-fluxes across 
                membranes of mucosal nociceptors thereby accelerating healing and relieving pain. 
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                Indications for Use 
                Active ingredients of Canine Mucosalfateℿfacilitate rapid healing
                -	Feline Chronic GingivoStomatitis
                -	Feline Periodontal Inflammation
                -	Lingular, Sublingular Mucositis
                -	Labial , Buccal and Caudal Mucositis
                -	Oral Injuries or Surgical Wounds

                Cod liver oil flavored paste 
                Contains patented polymerized cross-linked sucralfate

                Directions of Use 	
                Feline Mucosalfate™ paste comes in a 75 cc bottle.
                ‿  Treatment of Oral Ulcerations/Stomatitis:  Mouth dosing is 1.5 cc (or more). Using an oral syringe apply 
                    aliquots of paste to affected areas twice a day for the first day and then once daily until ulcerations 
                    are gone.
                ‿  Periodontal (gum) Treatment: Using a soft finger brush, apply an aliquot of paste to the junction of tooth 
                    and gum, twice a day for the first day and then once daily until treatment is complete. 
                ‿  Treatment of Incidental Wounds: Using a soft finger brush apply an aliquot of paste to the wound twice a 
                    day for the first day and then once daily until wound is healed.
                ‿Alternative Use: Mucosalfate™ can be mixed in a 1:1 ratio with wet food per dose and given so as to 
                    move around the mouth with their tongue.
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