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     Prescription Veterinary Paste
     Rapid Healing of Oral
     Ulcerations, Erosions, Stomatitis
     Perio-gingival Inflammation and Oral Wounds

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	About Mucosalfate™ 
        What is Mucosalfate™
        Mucosalfate™ is a high potency re-formulation of
        sucralfate for the management of gingivitis, oral wounds 
        and inflammation in horses, dogs and cats. Mucosalfate™
        is a brand of Orafate™ which was cleared by the FDA for 
        use in August 2013.

        Mucosalfate™ contains standard potency sucralfate that 
        has been  reversibly polymerized and cross-linked into 
        sucralfate sheets. The configuration within 
                sucralfate sheets causes ordinary sucralfate to layer on the mucosa as stacked sheets which enhances sucralfate 
                binding and surface concentration by multiple folds.

                Mucosalfate™ - How it Works
                When mucosal lining or the gingival surfaces of the mouths of horses, dogs or cats are inflamed or infected, the 
                epithelial cytoprotective system is activated, and it is responsible in maintaining the integrity of the animal's 
                mucosa lining. This biological system functions to limit injury, minimize inflammation, ulcerations and infection. 
                However in certain circumstances of disease it is inadequate. The key element that govern the process of healing
                and reversal of inflammation are growth factors, growth factor receptors and cytokines. While mechanism of injury 
                may vary, the tissue's response to injury is predictably similar:
                    (1)   Release of tissue alarmins that promote secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines
                    (2)   Enhanced tissue expression of growth factor receptors
                    (3)   Feedback secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines
                    (4)   Enhanced secretion of soluble growth factors

                Mucosalfate™ which contains polymerized cross-linked sucralfate, engages these elements by binding to 
                growth factors and driving them to their receptor sites,  activating these sites that in turn coordinate cytokines 
                responsible for restoration and healing of the mucosal lining of animals. 
                Most pain fibers in the oral mucosal are voltage-gated, that is, fibers are "switched on" when ions (usually, 
                calcium, potassium or sodium) are exchanged across nociceptor membranes. These fibers remain "switched on" due to 
                virtually unlimited open mucosal environ surrounding the injured tissue. The enhanced muco-adherence of 
                polymerized cross-linked sucralfate limit the micro-environ into which voltage-gated ions may exchange. This 
                spatially limited environ, "smothers" the receptors curbing ion exchange which subsequently "switches off" the 
                receptors responsible for pain.
                Three hours following administration, Mucosalfate™ achieves and maintains a surface concentration of sucralfate 
                that is 800% greater than expected on normal lining and 2400% greater than expected on ulcerated lining.
                Disease Target of Mucosalfate™
                Primary Target:             
                    -	Oral soft tissue ulcers in horses, dogs and cats
                    -	Periodontitis and gingivitis in horses, dogs and cats
                    -	Vesicula stomatitis prevalent in horses
                Other Targets:  Oral wounds caused by:
                    (a) Caustic chemical ingestion
                    (b) Thermal (hot scalding) wound or burn
                    (c) Traumatic injury or laceration
                    (d) Blistering, ulcerations, erosions from virus, bacteria or fungus

                Clinical Effects of Mucosalfate™
        There are four main effects of Mucosalfate on Oral Wounds in horses, dogs and cats:  
        1. Rapid healing of oral wounds and ulcers. 
        2. Reversal of gingival and periodontal inflammation
        3. Hemostasis of oral venous or capillary bleeding  
        4. Pain elimination/reduction.


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